Architecture by Eddie Alexander Meeks

I received my first commision to design an estate in Oct of 2005. I have always enjoyed designing houses and have always drawn them in times where I was compeled to sit at my drafting table to just design a house (for no real reason other than to draw). Up until now it was all for fun but I was always thinking ahead that one day I would have people that would want my designs. So now I am fully engaged in real archtictural design and now when I sit at my drafting table it is for the purpose of designing a radical custom home that I want someone to build in the future.

This section will be brief and small but is just to show a few things here and there I've done.

Below is the first commision, a home for the Jordan's in Mt. Gilead NC. Home is right at 10,000 sq. ft. the equestrian area is 5000 sq. ft. I also designed the pool which is a total area of 5000+/- sq. ft.
Here I am with Wendi Jordan during one of my visits during construction.
Below is the barn I designed.