Original Artworks by Eddie Alexander Meeks

I have just started my career jump into doing the paintings and sculptures I have been planning on doing for the last 20 years. It just so happens that while painting and building the show bikes I have built up enough clientele with the income to afford the prices I command for an original piece of artwork from my hands. Here pictured is #001 sculpture. You can click on the pictures to see the picture bigger and in more detail. This piece is already gone to the new owner. As I get pieces done I will put them up on my site. As I post the pictures, the sculpture or painting will most likely have already been sold and the chance of me putting anything "up for grabs" so to speak will be rare if ever. I am currently working on a painting that I will be selling as a poster and the original of that will be up for grabs when done, but for the most part my work when you see it here will already be in the hands of the buyer. I will be doing but just a few of these a year and a few paintings so don't expect to see constant changes to this section. I will be posting new works only when finished.
To inquire about buying one of my rare early low number hand hammered scupltures call me:
ph. 336-545-1004

This is a hand hammered nude bust that I hammered in 3003 aluminum and is approx. 16 inches tall. It is #001 and now resides in Maryland. This piece is titled "My First Boob Job".

This is sculpture #002, hand hammered from 3003 aluminum, base mounted on marble, approx. 15 inches tall. This piece is titled "Number Two". This piece is sold.
The Sculpture below is #003. I finished this one in sept. 2005 and is my first piece in copper. It is what i call "full size" (23 inches tall) as opposed to #001 and #002 which I call "3/4 size" and is a wall hanging mount. The title of this piece is "Nippearlea" and I titled it this due to the fact her nipples are 11mm black pearls and her areola's are .999 fine silver. I have patina'd the piece with acid to give it the bronze look and then coated it with one heated melted and then polished coat of beeswax. This piece is sold.
"Jola" the title to #004 below. This piece is hammered from 3003 aluminum. This piece is 3/4 size and is 19 inches tall. The nipples are 9mm pink pearls. Finished on the last day of sept. 2005. This one is a wall hung piece and is sold.
Below is #005, titled "Zelma" and of course is the fifth sculpture I have done. It is in 3003 aluminum and has only melted aluminum dripped on as the nipples and built up to the finished height. This one is a wall hanging style and is almost life size at around 23" tall. I finished this hammering on July 23rd, 2008. It is sold.
Below is sculpture #006, a custom ordered sculpture. Titled "Fiora" hammered out of copper. This sculpture was sent to a couple that owns a resort in Banff Canada and has a summer house in Arizona where this sculpture resides. Being custom ordered for a southwest theme I used turquoise stones as the nipples and set them in pure .999 silver bezels that I cast from molds I made. The areolas are also hammered out of .999 pure silver, the bezels welded to the areola with silver and the turquoise stones faceted in. Peacock feathers represent their last name Paw which translates into "peacock" in Dutch. This sculpture is life size 24" tall and I made it to be either a wall hanging or to be able to be placed on a table top or pedestal so I call it a "convertible", my name tag I designed and made to hinge so it lays flat if it is on a pedestal and it drops down and hangs if it hangs on a wall (as in these photographs). This sculpture finished October 1st, 2008.
Below is #007 titled "Donna di-acqua" and is hammered out of copper. This sculpture has pure .999 silve cast areolas and the nipples are turquoise. The bottom half has been patina'd with salts and the top half has been heated to near melting point and the heat marks (the varigated swirls) left and the entire piece has been coated in bees-wax. It of course is a wall hanging piece and is sold. It is around 36 inches tall.